Hans Feyerabend Feyerabends work demands abandonment of "seeing as usual". The paintings create their very own reality. A world, in which formal relationships of colors and shapes combine in equilibrium to hold the paintings together and to give them their unique quality. The balance of conceptual forms and depicted subjects lends the paintings their inner tension, and giving rise to powerful compositions.

Some of the paintings start as an open process of overlaying abstract configurations. Through the techniques of addition and subtraction, figurative scenes emerge. The work is further developed by superimposing more recognizable images, creative instinct, and formal laws of visual composition. The traces of the painting's origins are not concealed in the finished piece. Comparable to geological processes of layering and deterioration, the paintings evolve into their one-of-a-kind character.

Feyerabend's work appears in collections on 5 continents and is on public display in various locations throughout the United States and Germany.
Art More works at: www.hansfeyerabend.com