Hans Feyerabend Palmetto Bay Suspended Sculpture
Art "Air", Suspended Sculpture, Palmetto Bay Cityhall, mixed media, 12' x 18' x 18', 2011 & 2016
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  Palmetto Bay, Installed
  Palmetto Bay, Permit Drawing

The Village hall of Palmetto Bay is a gathering space and a place defining the identity of the community. The cityhall lobby serves as its main entrance, with 7 doors leading to different parts of the building and connecting the interior with plaza and park outside.

A suspended semitransparent sculpture is placed above the center of the lobby, filtering the daylight through its multiple glass panes down on the floor. Some of its ends reach beyond the clock tower shaft, connecting visually the ground floor with the space above.
The central sculpture is accompanied by 3 large format paintings, placed on those walls without windows or doors.

Upon entering the lobby the visitor sees first a large vertical painting between the chamber doors; portraits of people representing the community in red and yellow hues. Recording the point in history when the village established itself as such and  city hall was build.
A large horizontal painting on the right shows the raw landscape of the past and one on the left maritime life.

1 - straight ahead, red, vertical, people, the community, a snapshot of our time
2 - above, suspended sculpture, abstract, conveying balance
3 - left wall, blue, maritime live, horizontal
4 - right wall, horizontal, horizontal, landscape, nature, (natural history), the past (and a fragment of the present)

Placement and proportions of the art works support the architectural gesture of a welcoming city hall. It also reflects on a community build on precious land adjecant to Biscayne bay and the Atlantic; the abundance of water as part of its lure and posing a threat at the same time.