Hans Feyerabend
Art Selected works March 2012
Shows On view at Amelia Hyde Gallery San Francisco
“Water's Edge” new work by Hans Feyerabend

Public Opening Reception March 31, Saturday, 6 - 8 PM
On show through June 12, 2012 at Amelia Hyde Gallery San Francisco
521 6th Street • San Francisco, CA 94941 • 415-990-2043 • ameliahyde.com

Artist's Statement:

Water's Edge is the title of a mixed media painting series exploring the visual relationships between man-made structures and water. Water?s Edge is simultaneously location and idea. It is a border between man-made and natural elements, between ratio and chaos, between 2 distinct realms with their very own physical laws. Above water, gravity determines tectonic and movement; under water, weightlessness rules. For us, usually more comfortable above water, the water?s surface means openess, a low horizon, but also a void, and possible danger. It invites us to speculate about the things happening or buried below.

Water's edge also stands for reflection, figuratively and literally. The visual reflection is manyfold; the real world might be seen as a clear mirror image on a calm surface, turn into a fuzzy outline on ruffled waters, or is completely lost in the violent fractions of a whipped up sea. A painting itself is a mirror of sorts, everything shown is an image of something else, an artists reflection of the real.

Water's Edge also plays on the actual locations of the painters current home, Miami, and the city of San Francisco as the location for the exhibit. Both cities came into being because of their proximity to the surrounding waters. Old Harbor is a reference to the abandoned ships during the gold rush at San Francisco harbor in 1850/51. In the painting Sausalito I, a house appears to be being swept off its roots to float on a green wave. Each painting is a dialogue between stability and fragility, the eternal and the ephemeral, carried out in a language of visual cues, textures and colors.