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Restored and Renewed Portrait Panels 2006

The shown 11 Portrait Panels are part of the original 2002 faces series, they are painted in oil and acrylic on cardboard panels, mounted on foamcore, and framed in a black floater frame. In 2006 they underwent a thourough restoration. Additionally, many were given more vibrant backgrounds and higher contrast facial features. You may compare the 2006 with the original 2002 version...(2002 faces)
PP_10N_a PP_22N_a PP_23N_a PP_24N_a
PP_10N_a.jpg PP_22N_a.jpg PP_23N_a.jpg PP_24N_a.jpg
PP_25N_a PP_26*N_a PP_30N_a PP_32N_a
PP_25N_a.jpg PP_26*N_a.jpg PP_30N_a.jpg PP_32N_a.jpg
PP_34N_a PP_40N_a PP_41N_a  
PP_34N_a.jpg PP_40N_a.jpg PP_41N_a.jpg