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Hans Feyerabend - Index of Work 2000 - present (click images or titles to enlarge; black frame = external public or private collection)

2016 Subdirectory 2016-1

Genie Turquoise Totem Railroad Bridge II Racing Dogs 2 Foxes Dragonfly 2 Pelicans Halberstadt Cathedral 5
3 Riders Boxer The Graduate
2015 Subdirectory 2015-3, 2015-2, 2015-1

Blue Rider Carousel El Toro Girl, Turquoise Horse 2 Cats Portrait of a Girl Procession II      
Big Writer Abyss Oil Rig Man with a Golden Helmet Flood Valley Commute Rider on a Big Horse Ram Railroad Bridge Brickell, Rainy Day Wave
Mermaid Rest Stop Girl, Pink Don Quixote Sentinel Cupid Ponce de Leon Hit

2014 Subdirectory 2014-1, 2014-2, 2014-3

Hyena Crowd 2 Rider Standing in Line I Standing in Line II Golden Rider Ria Troupe Yuxi      
Pier 30 Market Street West Market Street East Russian Hill Fishermens Wharf Baker Beach Windy Day          
Big Dog Blue Ox Circus Crowd 1 Girl, Sienna Mr. Wolf Old King Portrait, Turquoise Sisters Small Rider Summer Urban Cowboy
2013 Subdirectory 2013-1, 2013-2, 2013-3, 2013-4

Bedouin Couple Cupid Dude Elephant Fairy Firebird Harbor Dog Small Horse Immigrants 3 Men with Hats Peddler
Beach Brawl Blue Lips Chica! Doom Dancer III Girl Ice Queen King Kiss Puppet Scorpion Street Market Wolf
Bridge, Little Rock The Castro The Cyclist Doom Dancer II Golden Gate I Golden Gate II Haight Ashbury Sausalito Waterscape
Slave White Dog

2012 Subdirectory 2012-1, 2012-2, 2012-3

9x9 portrait Series 2012

2011 Subdirectories 2011: 16 composers 2011

portrait series 2011

2010 Subdirectory 2010-1, 2010-2

2009 Subdirectory 2009-2, 2009-1

9" x 9" portrait series

2008 Subdirectory 2008-2 , 2008-1, 9" x 9" series 2008-2, 9" x 9" portrait series 2008-1, 6" x 6" portrait series 2008

2007 Subdirectory 2007-4, 2007-3, 2007-2, 2007-1, 6"x6" portrait series 2007, sea life series 2007-01, sea life series 2007-02

sea life series

2006 Subdirectories 2006-1, 2006-2, 2006-3, 2006-4 - the Sea Life and Fossil Series; sea life series II

Sailor, Peruvian, Tembo, Maskenball, Nude, Ant Eater, Sea Life 3, Mongolian, Swede, Octopus, Country Girl, Nude Study 1, NS2, NS3, NS4, NS5, NS6, NS7, NS8, NS9, NS10, NS11, NS12, Zebras, School of Fish, Reef Fish, Rabbit, Snake, Boat, Encounter, Fallen, Fishing Mouse, Harbour Fish, Indian, Octopus, Call, Fence, Rhino, Rocking Horse, Violinist, Wizards, Arrow Crab, Hermit Crab, Loxonema, Sea Star, Reef Fish 1, Reef Fish 4, Sea Horse, Sea Life 1, Sea Life 2, Temnocheilus, Tornoceras,Trilobit 1, Trilobit 2, Trilobit 3

2005 Subdirectory 2005-01

Gladiator, The Spy, Dancer, Bather, Spotted Dog, King, White, Blue, Blue Dog, Scorpion, 2 tall Portraits, Iguana, Hammer Thrower, School of Fish, Figure, Desert Fox, Bull, Tiger, Blue Horses, Portraits, Row Boat, Black Rider, 4 Trumpets, Odessa, El Toro, Circus Girl, 2 Bulls, Sleeper, 2 Girls, 3 Horsemen, 8 Portraits, Lovers, Harlekin

2004 Subdirectory 2004

Cargo Ship, Duchess, St. Georg, Small King, Princess, Office Party, 7 Women, 4 Men, Waiting, Hallway, Tear, 91 portraits

2003 Subdirectory 2003 - 3

Pandora, Young Woman, Selene & Eos, The Dream, Beauty Contest, Exchange, Squadron, Boxfight, Models, Beach Walk, Couple, Football, Jesters, St. George, small portraits, Captain, Carthage, Night Ride, Derby, Prayer, Rebels, Castor, Soldiers Song, David, 3 Horsemen, Ice Skaters, Dance, Carrousel, Nubian Women, Red and White Dog, DJ, Gallop, Reception, Ballroom,

2002 Subdirectory selected work 2002

Yellow Dog, Hector & Achilles, Procession, Pulling the Sled, Eos & Thitonus, The Wreck, Wrestlers, White Dog, Yellow Boat, (black frame = sold) 2002 faces

2001 Subdirectory work 2001
sea knight perg lance knee ghost french bazar fall
Sea Games, Black Knight, Hekate & Artemis, 2 Magicians, 2 Women, Alpine Bus Stop, Ranger Dance, Stumbling Boxer, Catwalk, Faces, Toys, Lance Fight, 3 Ball Ladies, Busy Waiter, Carnival, Race Dogs,Return, Fish, Kneeling Warrior, The Ghost, French Soldier, Bazar, Falling Fighter, 2002 faces, (black frame = sold)

2000 Subdirectory work 2000

crow fury fish euro dance atlas Afri Strategic Games
The Rafters 2, Magician, Street Concert, Scare Crow, Fury, Still Life, Europa, Dance, Atlas, Portrait, Worshippers, African Dance, Beach Scene, Boxing Match, Burial March, Reclining, Rush Hour, Shot Putter, Maskenball, Surfer, Magician, Strategic Games, Conspiracy, Subway Station, (black frame = sold), click images to enlarge

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