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Olive Green = available

Slate Gray = sold

Woman by the Sea
Selected work 2006
Sailor Peruvian Tembo Maskenball Nude Ant Eater
Sea Life 3 Mongolian Swede Octopus Country Girl Nude Study 1 NS2
NS10 NS11 NS12 Zebras School of Fish Reef Fish Rabbit
Snake Boat Encounter Fallen Fishing Mouse Harbour Fish Indian Girl
Octopus Call Fence Rhino Rocking Horse Violinist Wizards
Arrow Crab Hermit Crab Loxonema Sea Star Reef Fish 1 Reef Fish 4 Sea Horse
Sea Life 1 Sea Life 2 Temnocheilus Tornoceras Trilobit 1 Trilobit 2 Trilobit 3
Selected work 2005
Gladiator The Spy Portrait Panel 1 Portrait Panel 2 Portrait Panel 3 Portrait Panel 4 Sea Turtles
Portrait - Blue Portrait - White Portrait - King Dancer Bather 3 Fish Alligator
Spotted Dog Blue Dog Scorpion School of Fish Iguana Portrait I & II Desert Fox
Circus Tiger Blue Horses Portrait Panels Thief o.t. Run Row Boat Bull Figure I
Black Rider 4 Trumpets Odessa El Toro Circus Girl 2 Bulls Sleeping Girl
2 Beach Girls 3 Horsemen 8 Portraits Lovers Harlekin
Selected work 2004
Cargo Ship Waiting Hallway Duchess Office Party 7 Women Young Woman II
St. George African Princess The Tear Small King 4 Men Couple Water Cooler
Sea Horse Red Fish 2 Blue Fish Lizard
Selected work 2003
Selene & Eos Pandora Young Woman The Dream 3 Spanish Ladies The Rider 4 Elephants
The Exchange Sqadron Beauty Contest The Bull


2 Models St. Georg
6 small portraits Night Ride Derby Pelican 2 Jesters Prayer The Captain
Beach Walk Three Horsemen Ice Scaters Football Carthage Nubian Women Couple
Castor & Pollux DJ Ballroom David The Reception Red & White Dog Gallop
Red Dress Dance Soldiers Song Dance Step White Dog Carrousel
Selected work 2002
Hektor & Achilles Pulling the Sled White Dog Eos & Thitonos Procession Sisters The Wreck
Wrestlers Yellow Dog Yellow Boat 2 Boxers Birthday Hochzeitstanz Runner
Landhochzeit Jester The Bear The Bull Yellow Bar
Selected work 2001
2 Magicians Women @ Beach Alpine Bus Stop Ranger Dance Stumbling Boxer Trunk Fish Catwalk
3 Ball Ladies Busy Waiter Carnival Race Dogs Return of t. King The Spy School of Fish
At the Bazar Falling Fighter Soldier The Ghost Warrior Tin Helmet Lance Fight
Rev. Poet Toys getting Old Hekate+Artemis Knight Sea Games Door Man Please don't Go
2 Girls Running Ikarus Desert Guide Horses in a Barn Hoellenhund Orange Moon 4 Women
Syrian Boys The Proposal Sergeant Major Reef Fish Sister Walk Typist 3 Turnips
Elephant on the Run Visit from the Islands Dance in the Yellow Dress 2 Boxers 3 Fish King in Doubt Modest Dinner
Contemplating Guard Still Life with a Blue Plate White & Red Horse Playing Dog Encounter
Selected work 2000
Scare Crow Fury Yellow Tail Europa Dance with the Duchess Frog Dance Atlas
Beach Scene Boxing Match Burial March Reclining Nude Rush Hour Cross Dog Shot Putter
Strategic Games Conspiracy Subway Station Magician in a Hurry Maskenball Fishing Prince Surfer with a Mask
African Dance Rafters II Sorcerer Street Concert Portrait Young Women Worshippers
Attempt to Reach At the Beauty Parlor Miami Beach at Night Everglades Boxer at Bar Cargo Elephant Flower Girl
Lake View Chatting Soldiers Linear Disturbance I Linear Disturbance II Man with a Dog Mexican on a Bicycle Swinging Cradle
Selected work 1999
Pelican Grabbing Food Iceskaters at Night Ponce de Leon French General Dinner at the Monastery The Runner Guard after Rain
Demolition Worker Dominican Dancer Man with Bow and Arrow Tango Couple Vietnamese Man with a Bicycle Fighter Drummer in a Battlefield
Portrait of a Fisherman Blue Man on a Yellow Horse 6 Prussian Soldiers, Waiting Yellow Drummer Young Ballerina The Dreamer Cross Cat
Concierge at Breaktime On the Yellow River At the Cocktail Party Fishermans Wife and a Stranger Cat on a Moped The Sleeper Rooster with Flowers
Boxing Announcement Alpine Warrior Cyclist Philosophizing Dog Can Can Girl The Swimmer Standing in Line at Customs
Doctor and Shot Fat Cat Nutcounting Sailor The Letter Alaskan Trail Mandarin w. Violin Chess Figures
Sheep at Night Toad on a Leaf Pickpockets DJ with Turntables Fish at a Bar The Nurse Land Crab
Bademeister Travellers I Portugese Man-of-War Boy (a.Caravaggio) Bode Valley Pirate Mariachi with Guitar
Carribbean Dancer Chinese Couple Pergamon, Warrior Boxer Rafters I Reader The Drummer
El Toro Street Musician St. Anastasia Pelicans II The Masks Watching Couple Eel & Trumpetfish
Young Woman RR St. in Mexico
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