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Eos and Thitonus

Oil on Canvas
40" x 40"

The Boswell Collection, Bryant, AK


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Eos and Thitonos - one version of the myth

Eos is the goddess of the dawn. The Titans Hyperion and Thea are her parents.
Eos is known to have a proclivity to young men and kidnaps them at every opportunity. Despite these efforts she remains unfortunate in love.
She abducts the youth Tithonus to her Eastern palace. Since Tithonus is an extremely handsome mortale man, Eos asks Zeus to grant him immortality as she herself is immortal. Unfortunately, she forgets to ask for eternal youth as well and Tithonus shrivels up into a senile, ugly, hairless, old man.
Displeased with this outcome, Eos locks him up in a closet to keep him out of sight as his age has transformed his physical form and voice to that resembling a grashopper.

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