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Hector and Achilles

Oil on Canvas
60" x 20"

Private collection, Nairobi, Kenya


to menu 2002


A depiction of a Trojan war scene, when Achilles chases Hector around Troy's city walls, before Hector summons courage to face his enemy to be killed by him in short fight a moment later.
Hector is a Trojan hero. He is the son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba. An oracle predicts that Troy will not be defeated as long as Hector lives. Under the protection of his fellow Trojans and the god Apollo, Hector is the victor of many battles. But when Hector kills Patroclus, Achilles demands a duel of which Hector loses (because he loses Apollo's protection). Hector is pierced by Achilles’ sword and dies while begging for a proper funeral; refused by Achilles. He drags Hector’s dead body from his chariot around the camp. As requested by King Priam and Zeus, Achilles returns Hector so that he can be buried.
Achilles is later shot by Prince Paris in his vulnerable heel.
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