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Hans Feyerabend - Sea Life Series 2007-01
All sea life panels are acrylic modeling paste on primed wood, the top layers consist of translucent layers of oil paint.
The modeling paste gives the panels a highly textured surface, most paintings can actually be felt.
All panels measure 6" x 6".
Costum made back boards of various sizes for multiple panel groupings are available on request.
Click images to enlarge.
sealife_01 sealife_02 sealife_03 sealife_04 sealife_05 sealife_06
sealife_01.jpg sealife_02.jpg sealife_03.jpg sealife_04.jpg sealife_05.jpg sealife_06.jpg
sealife_07 sealife_08 sealife_09 sealife_10 sealife_11 sealife_12
sealife_07.jpg sealife_08.jpg sealife_09.jpg sealife_10.jpg sealife_11.jpg sealife_12.jpg
sealife_13 sealife_14 sealife_15 sealife_16 sealife_17 sealife_18
sealife_13.jpg sealife_14.jpg sealife_15.jpg sealife_16.jpg sealife_17.jpg sealife_18.jpg
sealife_19 sealife_20 sealife_21 sealife_22 sealife_23 sealife_24
sealife_19.jpg sealife_20.jpg sealife_21.jpg sealife_22.jpg sealife_23.jpg sealife_24.jpg
sealife_25 sealife_26 sealife_27 sealife_28 sealife_29 sealife_30
sealife_25.jpg sealife_26.jpg sealife_27.jpg sealife_28.jpg sealife_29.jpg sealife_30.jpg
sealife_31 sealife_32 sealife_33 sealife_34 sealife_35 sealife_36
sealife_31.jpg sealife_32.jpg sealife_33.jpg sealife_34.jpg sealife_35.jpg sealife_36.jpg