Let's Face it! Ficticious Portraits at the Design Impact Atelier November 2001
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November 6 - December 5 2001

Let’s face it! Ficticious Portraits; Recent Oil Paintings byHans Feyerabend

at: Design Impact Atelier
3015 Grand Avenue #122
(located in CocoWalk, on Virginia St., across from the Mayfair Hotel)
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

As the name implies, the exhibition focuses on painted head shots, most of them created over the past 6 months. Shown are not portraits of actual people, but of ficticious characters. The show matches the line which trails the movie credits, "The persons and events in this motion picture are ficticious. Any similarities to actual persons and events are unintentional...".

And like some motion pictures, the works on display will reveal complexity and depths to those viewers who are willing to accept and discover the characters. The face as the-mirror-of-our-soul allows a seemingly endless variety of expressions and interpretations.

Faces have been one of my favorite subjects since I started painting. Literally thousands of sketches of live models in School, University, and on travels are partly the background from which these works emerge.

In an era of flagrant copying and overused images, the portraits demonstrate a refreshing spin on the many unique characters we encounter in life. They are faces which, for whatever reason, seem strangely familiar.

Click here to view some of the 2002 portraits 2002

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