Hans Feyerabend, Jewish Musuem of Florida Donation 2008
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Precious Platter Creation & Donation for the Jewish Museum of Florida 2008
Feyerabend's design for the Purim Ball 2008 - a collage of 74 characters of his portrait series
For more information about the portrait series go to 2002 faces, link to the Jewish Museum website
For the Jewish Museum of Florida’s next signature Gala Purim Ball, to be held on Thursday, March 13, 2008, we are again calling on artists and celebrities for your participation. Similar to our highly successful Mask Auction for Purim Ball 2002, the Museum will provide you with an unfinished 12” round wooden plate to embellish in any style you choose. The completed artworks will be displayed and auctioned to the highest bidders, with more than 600 guests from Florida’s corporate and philanthropic communities expected at the Ball.
Why plates? In conjunction with the holiday of Purim, which celebrates the Jewish people’s freedom from tyranny about 2,600 years ago, is the tradition of giving platters filled with fruits, candies, nuts and cookies, to family and friends. The “Precious Platters” auction relates to this tradition.

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