Hans Feyerabend, exhibition at the German Consulate General Miami, Summer 2005
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"Heads and Tales" - Summer Exhibition at the German Consulate General Miami,
current paintings by Hans Feyerabend, August 18th to October 6th 2005
Opening reception will be held August 18th 6 – 9 pm at 100 N. Biscayne Blvd. Suite 2200

The Consulate is located 100 North Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 2200
Miami, FL 33132-2381
; Tel. (305) 358-0290; direct link to consulate site:www.germany-info.org

The exhibit coincides with the online listing of Feyerabend’s “91 portraits” at German Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Auswaertiges Amt) and German Consulates worldwide websites “art communicates – without borders”.
The title of the show refers to a predominant theme: a series of ficticious portraits - the artistic exploration of the human face as an never ending source of expressions and narratives.
The opening reception will be held August 18th 6 – 9 pm at 100 Biscayne Boulevard Suite 2200.

The Artist

Born in 1965, Hans Feyerabend grew up in a Berlin suburb divided by the Berlin wall. Abandoned subway lines, overgrown highways and the oddness of “Wall life”, served not only as catalyst for adventure during childhood, but also triggered a curiosity about traces of activities long gone.
His studies in Art and Architecture at the Kunsthochschule Berlin, where he received his Master in Architecture Degree in 1992, provided him with the necessary tools to record his findings and develop them as generators for art and design projects.
Working over the course of 6 years as an architect, he became increasingly interested in a more immediate form of expression: fine art, with the emphasis on painting.
In 1998 he moved with his wife Karen to Miami, FL to pursue a professional art career. In February 2004 he opened his own gallery and studio, the Atelier Feyerabend Hubler, in Miami, together with mosaicist Gina Hubler.

The Artwork: portraits

The portraits on display are part of an ongoing project: the exploration of the human face. The initial series was displayed in 2002 as a homage to time, measured in years, from its origin to present day in the Western World. For every year, there was one portrait. As of fall 2005, the painted portrait mark has reached well over 2,200.
The intention is also to create one large scale work of art, which is comprised of a series of many smaller single paintings. The ambivalent relationship between individual and mass (each portrait is unique, there are no repetitions) is integral part of the series.

The displayed body of work focuses on painted “head shots”, all of them created this year. Shown are not portraits of actual people, but of fictitious characters. The face as the-mirror-of-our-soul allows a seemingly endless variety of expressions and interpretations.

Faces have been one of Feyerabend’s favorite subjects since he started painting. Literally thousands of sketches of live models in School, University, and on travels are partly the background from which these works emerge.
In an era of flagrant copying and overused images, the portraits demonstrate a refreshing spin on the many unique characters we encounter in life. They are faces which, for whatever reason, seem strangely familiar.
Driving directions to the German Consulate Miami:
Visitors coming from the West and North should proceed on I-95 South and until exit 2 "Biscayne Boulevard/Downtown Miami." Take this exit (to the left!) and change to the right lane on the ramp. Stay in this lane.
Visitors coming from the South should take US-1 North (stay in the left or middle lane) which becomes I-95 North. Please take exit 2A (to the right) and change then to the leftmost lane on the ramp.
In both cases continue straight, passing two traffic lights, until you must turn left. You are now on Biscayne Boulevard/US-1 North. After three blocks, you see the "New World Tower" office building on your left, where the Consulate is located. You may recognize the building by the "Bank Atlantic" sign on its roof and large ads on its sides.
Parking is available adjacent to this building, or next to Bayside Market on the other side of the street, or in the middle of the street.
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