Hans Feyerabend, Lèche-Vitrines Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale 2007
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40 of Feyerabends paintings are currently on display at Lèche-Vitrines Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale.

The Lèche-Vitrines Art Alliance & Gallery is located at: 3038 North Federal Highway, Building F, 2nd floor
Times Square Design Plaza, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306 • Phone 954.563.2993

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (April 6, 2007) - Art collectors, looking for a new venue to purchase exceptional work?  Artists, looking for someplace appealing to display your creations?  Have you seen everything there is to see in South Beach and Miami?  Head North to Broward to celebrate the opening of an exciting new art gallery in Fort Lauderdale, Saturday, April 21, 2007, 7:00-11:00pm.  The opening group exhibition will be a showcase introducing the public to all of the gallery artists that will be featured during the coming year.  The exhibition will consist of all original art (painting, drawing, sculpture and photography) from over 15 local as well as out-of-state artists.  All art-appreciators are welcome, free of charge!
Owner Danielle Lanteigne, is hosting the official opening of Fort Lauderdale's newest art gallery, Lèche-Vitrines Art Alliance (3038 North Federal Highway).  This mouthful of a name is no attempt at being ostentatious.  "Lèche-Vitrines," Ms. Lanteigne explains, "is a phrase the French use to mean 'window shopping'."  Although this translation is entirely less awkward than its direct meaning, 'to lick the windows', that may be just what you'll want to do when you enter this surprisingly chic, yet non-pretentious art gallery located in the Times Square Design Plaza on the Southeast side of Oakland Park Blvd and Federal Highway.  With an entire wall of nearly floor to ceiling windows taking up two 2nd floor storefronts, the art that can be seen through these impressive veneers truly borders on delectable.
The second part of the name, Art Alliance, fits just as nicely as the first.  This is because Ms. Lanteigne has grander plans for this innovative, creative space.  Lèche-Vitrines Art Alliance aims to become a nucleus for artists, collectors and art lovers alike.  With a primary goal to foster the growth of a more comprehensive art community, an 'alliance' of art-devotees is truly what this will become.  At Lèche-Vitrines Art Alliance artists will not only be represented, but are encouraged to become part of the gallery.  Ms. Lanteigne invites them to come and create art and mingle with their colleagues.  Collectors are made to feel comfortable buying art, learning about art and interacting with artists who might be at the space.  And for the everyday art-enthusiast, fret not, there are things for you too!  Lèche-Vitrines Art Alliance plans to offer art classes, art lecture series, films, music and more!  From art appreciation, to art creation, to art collection, you never know what you will find when stopping by to 'lick the windows', so to speak, at this inspired space.    
Ms. Lanteigne could not be more excited about her grand opening.  She remarks, "I have always thought that what any art community needs is a space that allows for creativity, talent and appreciation to come together.  Success for this gallery would mean that we have succeeded in producing a more unified community that will foster the creation of avant-garde art, and in turn provide collectors with the quality art they are looking for.  I am thrilled to be able to launch this idea in South Florida's flourishing art community."
Ms. Lanteigne, although fairly new to the South Florida, having relocated here from New York City in 2005, is in no way new to the art business.  A seasoned business/art aficionado, she has worked for over 7 years in New York City in various positions within the art community including gallery assistant at an emerging contemporary art gallery, assistant director of a prominent 19th-20th Century art gallery, assistant to a private art dealer and as Visitor Services Liaison at the prestigious Guggenheim Museum.  During her short time in Florida, she has remained very busy by serving as gallery director of a contemporary gallery in Miami, as well as doing freelance promotion for a performing arts company in Miami and marketing for an art gallery in DCOTA.  She was also invited to serve as a judge for the 2005 Beaux Arts Festival and the 2006 St. Stephens Arts Festival.  She holds a BFA in Art History from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and a Masters degree in Art Administration from New York University.
Want to know what window-licking goods Lèche-Vitrines Art Alliance has coming up next? Sign up on their email list or, for those who choose, they offer snail mail service as well.  Just visit their website at www.lechevitrinesart.com and while you're there, you can find more information on other services offered such as art hanging and installation, art consultation, framing and more!
Website: www.lechevitrinesart.com
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