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Hans Feyerabend - Architecture Projects

The 6 following projects are a selection from my work in different offices in Berlin and 3 design studies from the master of architecture program at the school of design North Carolina State University in Raleigh/NC

1 AHF Berlin
2 Berlin Chemie
3 Estes Drive
4 Kino Kosmos
5 Retreat
6 Berlin Wuerttembergische Strasse



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Art installation Palmetto Bay, FL
Ferguson Pool Miami Gardens, FL
Miami Marine Stadium
Württembergische Strasse Berlin
Public Bath Deggendorf, Bavaria
Public Bath Deggendorf, Bavaria
Doctors Office Building Berlin Friedrichshain
Berlin Chemie AG Staircase
Innercity Quarter, Zittau, Saxony
New City Center Altenberg