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Beacon of Justice 1928 - 2003, Dade County Courthouse 75th Anniversary Lighting Event
A festive illumination and artful transfor-mation of the historic Dade County Court-house is proposed. In the spirit of 1928, its unrivaled presence in the diverse downtown Miami skyline will be showcased.
The Courthouse sym-bolizes a constant force,a vital hub that influences a greater public and multifaceted society. Therefore, the lighting installation focuses on the upper part of the building to capture the viewers' attention by land, air and sea. The larger windows between the 20th and 23rd floors will house changing, colored light; orchestrated to rotate like a huge beacon. The timeless message of justice is signaled.

The Courthouse will gain greater visual stature as towers of light mark its four corners and its grandeur reconstituted among the newer, taller buildings. The main building facades can also be washed with contrasting light color for more dramatic effect.

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